Ava Earl is a prolific young singer-songwriter from the small mountain town of Girdwood, Alaska. Known for her intricate fingerpicking and graceful melodies, Ava’s music reflects the landscape she’s grown up in—open, raw, beautiful.    

At just 16 years old, she has written and co-produced three full-length albums. “Am I Me Yet?” is her latest work, released in July 2018. The collection of 15 songs features Ava on guitar and vocals, Andy Mullen on guitar and bass, and Anna Tivel on violin. The album was recorded at The Hallowed Halls studio in Portland, Oregon, and was engineered by Hawkins Wright who also co-produced the album.    

An engaging performer, Ava thrives in a live concert setting, drawing audiences in with her music and stories. She’s as comfortable performing in large auditoriums as she is on festival stages and in listening room showcases. Highlight performances over the years include opening for Maggie Rogers (Nov 2017); playing with Parlor in the Round (Mar 2018); performing at Salmonfest (Aug 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019); opening for Rhett Miller (Sep 2018); and opening for Tim Easton (Mar 2019).    

Ava will be heading to Nashville in February 2020 to record a new album. It will be her first project with full arrangements and will be produced by JT Nero of the Birds of Chicago.




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If you haven’t seen Ava Earl yet, get your life together and go let her change it. What a remarkable musician and human. ””

— Kat Moore, musician, reflecting on Ava's 2018 release party for "Am I Me Yet?


Below are select songs from 2018's "Am I Me Yet?" and 2017's self-titled album, "ava earl." CDs are available at live shows or by email at You can also stream them from Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify (among other sites).

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